Since 2003, the Morrell Foundation has been delivering hope and assistance to families and individuals around the world devastated as a result of natural disaster, war and poverty.

Through a variety of humanitarian programs and volunteer coordination efforts, the organization has improved the lives of thousands of suffering people in Haiti, Iraq and the United States, including the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Founded by Salt Lake City entrepreneur Phil Morrell, the Morrell Foundation provides hope and meaningful employment to people in need, often by helping them to contribute to the rebuilding process.

Over the years, the Morrell Foundation has provided jobs and rebuilt schools in Iraq, delivered temporary housing and volunteer coordination to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and supported American Indian Services (www.americanindianservices.org) to assist in funding the educational aspirations of Native American teens and young adults. The foundation is currently supporting the growth of First Step House, a nonprofit substance abuse facility serving America’s veterans.

The foundation is currently launching Employ Haiti, a comprehensive program to employ Haitians in local cleanup, rebuilding and recycling efforts.

For more information and to learn how you can help, visit employhaiti.org

Phil MorrellPhilip M. Morrell

Founder & Chairman of the Board, Morrell Foundation

From an early age, Phil Morrell dreamed of providing shelter to people in need, and he has never lost sight of this humanitarian vision. In fact, over the course of his career as a successful Salt Lake City entrepreneur, Phil began a number of businesses and nonprofit projects with the primary goal of providing meaningful employment to others. In 2003, Phil’s humanitarian vision and compassion for the people of Iraq led him to launch Employ Iraq—a program that put Iraqi civilians to work cleaning up their own neighborhoods and rebuilding local schools. After Hurricane Katrina, Phil led the Morrell Foundation to provide shelter and volunteer coordination near Waveland, Mississippi. Phil designed and personally helped to build the organization’s iCare Village, which would ultimately welcome and house thousands of volunteers from across the country.


Kirsten Chapman, Secretary, Morrell Foundation