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Posted on October 5, 2005

Governors Wife Visits iCare Village
October 5, 2005

WAVELAND, MISSISSIPPI, October 5, 2005 –Marsha Barbour, wife of Mississippi’s Governor Haley Barbour, surprised iCare Village volunteers with a personal visit today.
The iCare village is being built by The Morrell Foundation at Buccaneer State Park on land donated by the state of Mississippi. The village was built to house volunteers from around the country that want to come to Waveland and provide hurricane relief.

“Marsha Barbour first showed me Buccaneer State Park from the air about three weeks ago, and her continuing support for our efforts here has been an inspiration,” said Founder and Chairman of the Board, Phil Morrell. “The FEMA plan calls for thousands of volunteers but does not provide any housing for them. The Governor and his wife understood this dilemma from the beginning, and together we are building housing that will be here as long as it is needed,” he said.

Marsha Barbour has helped locate beds, a dozen washers and dryers and numerous other resources for the foundation. iCare Village will now provide the first laundry facilities to the residents of Waveland since the hurricane and expects to start housing volunteers in the upcoming week.

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